Lessons learned from a year abroad

  For better or worse we are back in the United States. Sometimes we longingly miss being in France: our boulangerie right across the street, the weekly outdoor markets with fresh delicacies, and how everyone always seems to look nice and proper (following an invisible dress code) no matter where you go. But we are […]

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The French Weekend Getaway

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could just stop, press a button or two to freshen up, and reset yourself? Like an old school VCR? Well the French can, and do, by regularly using their weekends to recharge and invigorate themselves. The secret is the European weekend getaway.  It’s taking advantage of your time off […]

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Achieving that Beautiful Effortless French Look

The French Beauty Philosophy We all know the look, the elegant sophisticated French woman glamorously sporting her full locks of hair, pouty lips, and haute couture outfit, full of je ne sais quoi.  What is the secret?  How can we busy women and moms learn from French women? “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci. Let me […]

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How to exercise like the French (and instantly feel better about yourself)

As we know, exercise is considered a large part of the ideal American health lifestyle. Americans talk about their gym workouts and exercise classes the way my French coworkers discuss their daily yogurt choices. Besides being a key component of a weight loss strategy, exercise is part of a mental health strategy for many Americans. A fascinating neuroscience […]

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The strength and vitality required for sustained mental or physical activity (work and play). Energy allows us to feel positive, feel productive and feel powerful. How do we get it? How do we cultivate and sustain it? These are questions I asked myself in the States, as I saw constant struggle, both in myself and in others, to stay motivated and inspired. Indeed the complaint of fatigue (the opposite of energy) is one of the most common complaints general practitioners hear from their patients in the United States.

There does not appear to be a guaranteed formula for becoming and staying energized. Many factors might contribute: health status, financial status, family and social situation, religion/spirituality, etc. In my utter perplexedness on approaching this issue, I am looking to people across two continents to find answers.