A year in between. For the past eight plus years I have been on a rigid track of study, training, and service required for a career in medicine. Then, our family was given the incredible chance to work in Paris for a year, and off we have gone, leaving the United States, with our toddler in tow! And because you can’t keep the crazy out of the doctor, it isn’t enough to have left all my friends, family, and belongings to be a complete foreigner, working in local hospitals, with a small un-potty trained child, I am pregnant as well (hello morning sickness, goodbye French cheese).

So now that we are here, I have so many questions. Why are the French thinner and healthier than Americans (with bakeries and cheese shops on every corner and a notable absence of gyms)? What is the French work-life balance? How do French mothers “do it all?” What is the pregnancy experience here, and how is it different than in the Unites States? Why are macaroons so expensive? Are there any special French tricks for looking and feeling your best before, during, and after delivery?

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